Black Lives Matter. Always. ♥

The Black Lives Matter Movement is not a "trend" and your support should NOT stop now! Take the time to sign petitions, educate friends & family (along with yourself!), repost important information & links, go out to a peaceful protest, and buy from Black owned businesses! Here is a master link to all the resources you need to help out: click here. Remember that all Black lives matter, you cannot pick and choose who you want to support.  We wont stop fighting until justice is served! 


BLM Necklaces

100% handmade , 100% net profits donated

Owning a small business comes with a platform, and it is important to use that platform to spread awareness and show support for Black lives. I created a Black Lives Matter necklace where 100% of net proceeds were donated to 10 different organizations in support of the Black community. We sold over 100 handmade "BLM" necklaces and raised $1,600.  

Here's a breakdown of where the donations went:

  1. Black LGBTQ Migrant Project - $100
  2. Center for Black Equity - $100
  3. Innocence Project - $300
  4. Black Transgender Community Collective - $150
  5. The Okra Project - $150
  6. Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network - $145
  7. People’s Breakfast Oakland - $185
  8. Black Earth Farms - $185
  9. Reclaim the Block - $185
  10. Louisville Bail Fund - $100

Click HERE to view receipts.

I could not have accomplished this without YOU.  The amount of shares, reposts, shoutouts, and retweets were overwhelmingly helpful.  Within the first 8 hours of announcing the necklace, we sold 53 necklaces, raising over $1000!!! The BLM necklaces that I designed were able to reach so many people, resulting in over 100 individuals who donated $25 to help the cause.  You are making a difference! Thank you! - Karina <3